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CLEP Online Training Sessions

CLEP has successfully transitioned over 500 test centers from the computer-based testing platform (eCBT) to the internet-based testing platform (iBT).  The goal is to complete the transition process by May 2014. To ensure a smooth transition and provide more information, we are hosting a free, on-demand session, "CLEP iBT: Updates for Migration," starting February 5th, 2014.

Additionally, CLEP has lined up a series of exciting webinars designed for Advisers, Faculty, Admission Officers and Testing Center Professionals. Check out the complete list of sessions.

Session Title


CLEP iBT: Updates for Migration

This session covers final details of the migration to the new CLEP iBT platform. Topics include: key benefits of using iBT, design of the new platform, our new student registration portal called My Account, technical requirements, process comparison eCBT versus iBT, and the transition plan to migrate existing eCBT test centers to the new iBT platform. This session is designed for Testing Center Professionals.

Design and Development of CLEP Exams

This session will highlight the design of CLEP exams and item development process. Topics include: exam design and rigor, the test development process, and credit-granting recommendations. This session is designed for Faculty, Advisers and Testing Center Professionals.

Best Practices in Advising Students about CLEP

In this session we will share best practices for advising students on the availability of CLEP Exams. Topics will include: how to effectively review and update your institution’s existing CLEP policy; how to identify possible candidates for CLEP exams, review of study resources available, and suggestions for publicizing your CLEP policy. This session is particularly beneficial for Advisers and Faculty with advising responsibilities

CLEP for Military Members and Veterans

This session will highlight the benefits available to active duty military service members, veterans and eligible spouses for taking CLEP Exams at no charge. This session is designed for Veterans Affairs Officers, Advisers, and Faculty with advising responsibilities.

CLEP Overview

This session provides an overview of the College-Level Examination Program known as CLEP. Topics will include CLEP exam rigor and design, the test development process, the benefits CLEP offers to students and institutions, the process of adopting a CLEP policy for your campus, and ideas on publicizing CLEP on campus. This session is designed for Advisers, Faculty, Admission Officers and Testing Center Professionals. This session is recorded and available on demand.

CLEP Overview Video

CLEP Overview Presentation