Internet-Based Testing

Improve Your Testing Experience with Internet-Based Testing (iBT)

To improve the testing experience for institutions and test-takers, starting October 2013, CLEP will begin transitioning test centers from the current eCBT platform to the more sophisticated Internet-based testing (iBT) platform. Test-takers will be able to register for any of the 33 CLEP exams, purchase study materials, create a profile and manage information all in one place through the My Account registration portal.

This new feature will also simplify the registration activities that need to be performed by test center administrators (TCAs), as it will integrate all pertinent test-taker and session information with the iBT. There is no longer a need for TCAs to collect profile or payment information as is necessary in eCBT.

For detailed information on the process of transitioning from eCBT to iBT, how to engage technical staff and information on the transition timeline, visit Developing a Test Center.

Additional information can be found on CLEP's Migration to iBT (.pdf/930KB) brochure, and General and Technical FAQ pages.